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Our motivated team of professionals focused on Asia


Anthony Wong

Anthony is our Product Management and Institutional Sales Advisor. He previously worked as an Investment Manager for a Southeast Asian fund and was a Derivatives Analyst prior to that.


Bon Hui

Bon is a seasoned sales professional with over 10 years of experience in the financial services sector. He previously worked across both B2C and B2B roles. He believes that insurtech is here to transform the sales cycle of insurance for the benefit of the end customers.


Gabriel Koo

Gabriel is our data scientist coming from an actuarial background. He previously worked at AIA as a modeler. He is the only guy in our company (so far) who can debug code on his smartphone in a crowded subway.


Jack Law

Jack is our quantitative risk analyst. He previously worked in the ALM function at a bank. A nice cup of coffee makes Jack's day. A favorite office pastime is tracking Jack's actions in the office. Rumor has it he sat 8 hours straight without getting up on one occasion.


Jack Ng

Jack is our actuarial analyst and previously worked in the Prudential pricing team. Jack toured Taiwan on a bike in 8 days and still managed to sit through his school final exams upon returning, proving the robustness of his sitting abilities.


Keith Tsoi

Keith is our actuarial analyst and was an intern with the Prudential pricing team. He is obsessed with all things Japanese and has ridiculously high standard for food.


Marco Lui

Marco is our data scientist coming from a quantitative finance and risk management background, previously working in the risk divisions of large banks. His claim to fame is walking 20km in a day to visit all tourist spots in Rome.


Raymond Tang

Raymond manages all the technology needs for the office, particularly the programming, networking and hardware side of things. He has over 15 years of experience -- most recently with a system integration company.


Angus Chan

Angus is an actuarial analyst and previously worked at Prudential Corporation Asia. He takes a very positive attitude towards learning – from wanting to dig deep into the logical support for different calculations to how to computer hardware works.


Chloe Lau

Chloe is an actuarial analyst and was an intern in the valuation team at Prudential Hong Kong. She is fascinated by foreign languages. Being able 'hello' and 'thank you' in most languages is a good start.


David Ling

David was a stochastic modeler with Prudential before joining us as a data analyst. Number crunching and data science are his forte.


Derek Chau

Derek loves to travel and aims to visit as many places as he can. He is our data analyst who previously worked in the ALM team at Prudential Corporation Asia. He is a travel lover with an aim to visit as many places as he can.


James Wan

Our actuarial analyst is a history buff who has been to more than twenty countries. He worked in the pricing team at Prudential Hong Kong before joining Coherent.


Michael Mok

Michael is rarity amongst our interns in that he has a major in data science. He is currently involved in enhancing the infrastructure of an insurtech platform. He is also a musician who can play many instruments.


Nerrissa Chan

Nerissa is our language expert responsible for content management and image processing. Poor Nerissa has to put up with a bunch of actuaries, engineers and analysts. She changes her seat often in the quest for new inspirations (nope, she is not like the rest of us).


Scott Chan

Scott is our data scientist coming from a risk management and computer science background. Scott previously worked in the banking industry. This page you're looking at right now - Scott built it.

Open Positions

Don't see a job opening matching your interests? Trying reaching out and we should have a chat. We never believed in static job roles and descriptions anyway.


"Finally there're some 'non-traditional' actuarial job openings in Hong Kong"

Advanced Analytics

"Only here do you get to apply your analytical skills to solving the complex problems across a wide-range of industries"

Senior Software Engineering

"At CCA, you'll free from legacy systems and free to explore new technologies. This means you get to actually solve big, meaningful problems and see the impact of your work"

UI & UX Designer

"We are looking for a front-end UI & UX designer (part-time/full-time) with proven technical ability to facilitate the successful development and deployment of our web product"

Business Development & Partnership

"It’s a rare opportunity to be part of a fast-growing startup where you can take the business to the next level"

Marketing & Communications

"Join us and be part of the creative group that is building a great brand and delivering a truly remarkable product that is redefining a major industry"

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