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Strategic Asset Allocation

Our extensive industry experience in strategic asset allocation and asset liability modeling enables us to help insurers improve their risk-adjusted return and capital efficiency.

We have refined our approach through our experience serving four of the top 10 multinational insurers.


Risk, Capital & Regulations

With more than 40 years combined experience in actuarial, our breadth of experience enables us to advise multinational insurers on financial reporting, pricing & product design, risk & capital, and cross-border transactions related to hedging, reinsurance and M&A activities.

Our Solutions for Asset Liability Management

Cutting-edge data and analytical tools for insurers and institutional investors

The First Life Insurance Asset Dashboard

Insurance Asset Dashboard is powered by a centralized database containing over 6,500 asset data points across ten markets. Interactive visualizations enable analysis of industry market trends in just a few clicks. The intuitive interface facilitates advanced analyses and comparisons against peers and regulatory investment limits. Contact us for a free trial version.

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Risk and Capital Regulation Database for Asia

Our Asian regulation database provides a snapshot of the risk and capital regulations across Asia, including China's C-ROSS and RBC frameworks for six markets (Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand). Investment constraints and links to the original sources reference are easily accessed.

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Make Your Models Work Harder for You

Our analytical tools help focus your thinking to better understand system idiosyncrasies and make better decisions. Coming up with a reasonable SAA is not easy, as there are literally hundreds assumptions and inputs to the task.

Faster models from technological advances mean you now have a “cheap” way of testing balance sheet implications under different economic possibilities. Our Scenario Generator and Optimizer enable you to do so in a systematic and pragmatic way, unlocking the true value of your economic models.

Strategic Asset Allocation Model

Many regional insurers in Asia have been evaluating and re-positioning their asset portfolios, generating a lot of interest and activities in Strategic Asset Allocation (SAA) and tools to help evaluate investment strategies.

At CCA, we introduce a data-driven process and fast model to evaluate alternatives presented across multiple portfolios. Such framework has the advantage of increasing the transparency and confidence in the robustness of the recommendations, as trade-offs to be quantified and explained.

Fresh Perspectives to Strategic Asset Allocation

Demonstrating our responsive visualization technology that improves senior management engagement

The dashboard below summarizes the impacts of different asset allocation simulations on a hypothetical insurer. Drag, filter and select different points across the panels to instantly see how results move. Try it yourself!

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