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The insurance shopping experience is consistently falling short of customers’ expectations in this digital age. We want to change that. We're interested in the whole customer journey: from the ways in which products are marketed, distributed, presented and recommended - and what data is collected at each stage - to shortlisting products that can add the most value to customers.

Our simple belief is that considerate use of new data and technologies, coupled with the traditional human element, will be what moves the industry forward. Reach out if you're interested in exploring solutions together from a fresh perspective.

Introducing Seasonalife

Asia's first insurance robo advisor

Hong Kong’s First Life Insurance Product Database

Get instant quotations and access to detailed product features hundreds of insurance products across dozens of insurers. Gathered through public data sources, our database currently covers term, medical, critical illness, endowment, universal life and participating whole life products.

Advisors can easily navigate and search for information through a modern user interface that is 100% web-based, supporting both mobile and desktop.

Making Insurance Smart and Friendly Again

We believe insurance suffers a bad reputation: a symptom is that many of the public, and even some insurance advisors, don't appreciate why insurance is important and which products match their needs. It is not easy structuring a proper protection package: personal finance is complicated enough, while hundreds of complex financial products have proliferated as potential solutions.

To help cut through this complex web, we partnered with insurance companies, wealth managers, and their financial advisors to develop an insurance robo-advisor. Our algorithms help evaluate customer profiles and provide transparent, personalized recommendations. Recommendations are delivered in real-time, anytime, anywhere, and can be easily understood and explained. Our team leverages powerful machine-learning techniques to help advisors leap through the complex analytical groundwork so that they can focus on what people do best: understanding and empathizing with clients.

Gamified Goal-based Calculators

It is tough to engage people because they don’t understand the “why” and “what” of insurance. Our games help engage customers early - starting from interesting daily finance issues such as saving for a down payment, to how much family support people are giving to/receiving from their parents.

Our fun, smart calculators are designed to engage millennials and help figure out their financial needs based on their lifecycle, behaviors and preferences.

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